Title IX Contacts:  


Title IX Coordinator
Chris Griffin
500 10th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 385-5583 |

Assistant Title IX Coordinator
Kendra Brown
500 10th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 894-6337 |

Deputy Title IX Coordinators
Joeleen Akin (Equity in Athletics)
150 Bobby Dodd Way
Atlanta, GA 30332-0455
(404) 894-4462

Ivy Gardner (Staff Accused)
500 Tech Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30332-0435
(404) 894-2007

Kyla Turpin Ross (Faculty Accused)

Institute Police Department

Chief Rob Connolly or Deputy Chief Carla Cook
965 Hemphill Avenue, NW
Atlanta, GA  30332-0440
(404) 894-2500

VOICE Advocates (for Victim-Survivors)*

During regular business hours, call (404) 385-4464 (Jennifer Gagen) or (404) 385-4451 (Amanda Planchard).  After hours, call GTPD at (404) 894-2500 and ask to speak with the on-call advocate.  You do not need to provide any information other than a phone number.

Student Rights Advocates (for Respondents/Accused)*#

Saidat Allen

 Allan Couch

Erik Johnson

Victoria Williams


No Contact Directives

Office of Student Integrity
Andrew Lawrence
(404) 385-0313

Counseling Services On Campus

Georgia Tech Counseling Center*
(404) 894-2575

Center for Assessment, Referral and Education (CARE)* 

Employee Assistance Program
(678) 616-8324


Clergy on Campus:


Baptist Collegiate Ministries
(404) 892-6224

Campus Christian Fellowship
(404) 872-3856

Catholic Center
(404) 892-6759

Wesley Foundation
(404) 892-6317  

Community Medical and Counseling Resources:

Grady Hospital Emergency Room
80 Jesse Hill Jr., Dr., Atlanta, GA 
(404) 616-1415

Clayton County Rape Crisis Center
(770) 477-2177

Day League (f/k/a DeKalb Rape Crisis Center)
(404) 377-1428

Feminist Women's Health Center
(404) 874-7551 or
(800) 877-6013

Grady Rape Crisis Center
(404) 616-4861

Mosaic (f/k/a Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center)
(770) 476-7407

LiveSafe (Cobb)
​(770) 427-2902

Partnership Against Domestic Violence (Fulton)
(404) 873-1766

Partnership Against Domestic Violence (Gwinnett)
(770) 963-9799

Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence  
(404) 688-9436

Legal Resources:​


State Bar of Georgia
(404) 527-8700

Atlanta Bar Association
(404) 521-0777

Clayton County Bar Association
(770) 477-3260

Cobb County Bar Association
(770) 424-2947

DeKalb Bar Association

Gwinnett County Bar Association


Magistrate Court of Clayton County
(770) 477-3443

Superior Court of Cobb County
(770) 528-8024

Superior Court of DeKalb County
(404) 371-2836

Superior Court of Fulton County
(404) 613-4579

Superior Court of Gwinnett County
(770) 822-8100


Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services
​(678) 222-3920


National Resources:


U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
(800) 421-3481 

If you wish to file a complaint online with OCR, you may do so at this link.

U.S. Department of Education, OCR Regional Office
(404) 974-9406

U.S. Department of Education, Information Resource Center
(800) 872-5327

Know Your Rights about Title IX  

The White House Task Force Sexual Assault Resources

National Institute of Justice - Intimate Partner Violence
(202) 307-2942

National Domestic Violence Hotline:
(800) 799-SAFE (7233)

National Sexual Assault Hotline:
(800) 656-HOPE (4673)

Office on Violence Against Women

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Intimate Partner Violence   













* Denotes "Confidential Employee," a confidential campus resource for students as defined by University System of Georgia Policy 6.7.  Other resources listed may be confidential or privileged as defined by Georgia law.  Please confirm the scope of confidentiality with the given resource.

​# Student Rights Advocates are "Confidential Employees" only when a client is referred to them by VOICE Advocates or the Title IX Office.




Title IX/Sexual Misconduct at Georgia Tech

At Georgia Tech, we want everyone to achieve their potential and this means sustaining an environment where there is equal opportunity for excellence.  Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law designed to ensure women and men are provided equal access to programs and activities at educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance.

Title IX encompasses more than athletics and federally funded research endeavors. It forbids sex discrimination in student services, academic programs and employment as well.

Our policies and practices are the anchors in creating an inclusive campus culture. Every member of the Tech community – students, faculty, staff and administrators – is expected to comply with Title IX and to practice respectful, ethical and equitable treatment of others, regardless of their sex.

Understanding Title IX and the rights it protects is critical to preventing any discriminatory behavior in violation of the law. You can learn more about Title IX compliance by visiting

Our collective success and the reputation of the Institute depend on how we treat each other as individuals.

Sexual Discrimination, Harassment or Violence –  Victim Rights:

If you have been discriminated against, harassed or are the victim of sexual violence by a student, you are entitled to an investigation by the Title IX office, in addition to filing charges directly with the GT Police Department.  Sexual misconduct investigations can be requested without filing charges with the GT Police Department.  If the conduct was committed by an employee while on campus, you may contact the Office of Human Resources to pursue an investigation.

General Overview of a Student Sexual Misconduct Investigation:

An investigation typically begins with a claim or complaint.  If the person making the report is not the victim, an attempt is made to speak with the victim, to determine if the victim wishes to pursue an investigation and whether an investigation is appropriate.

During the meeting with the victim, information about the incident, including the name of the respondent (accused), is collected.  Support services and interim measures are also discussed with the victim, to determine if immediate adjustments are needed.  Examples of support services and/or interim measures include:

No contact order, alternative housing arrangements (if a student lives on campus), alternative work location or hours, class/testing changes or reassignment of duties.

An investigator is assigned and interviews are set up with potential witnesses, including the complainant/victim and respondent/accused.  In appropriate cases, the Institute may retain the services of an outside investigator to conduct the investigation and interviews. The parties will be notified before an outside investigator contacts them.

Based on what is discovered in the first round of interviews, next steps may vary. A second round of interviews may occur based on new information discovered in round one of the interviews.

General Overview of a Student Sexual Misconduct Investigation (cont’d):

Once the investigation is complete, the investigator will confer with the Title IX Coordinator regarding the investigation's findings.

In some cases, the Institute's legal counsel may also provide input. Once the investigator's report is final, the respondent and claimant are notified of the findings.

Following investigation, cases involving accused students are referred to the Office of Student Integrity for a hearing, if the matter is not otherwise resolved. A sexual misconduct hearing hanel, whose members are trained in the conduct of hearings and applicable policies and laws, will hear evidence, make a determination as to the respondent's responsibility and, if applicable, impose appropriate sanctions.

The Office of Student Integrity may periodically follow up with the parties to address any ongoing concerns.

If this handout does not answer questions you may have about the sexual misconduct investigation process, please contact the Office of the Title IX Coordinator at 404-385-5583.


Under no circumstances will retaliation be tolerated.  If retaliation should happen, you are encouraged to report it to the Office of the Title IX Coordinator immediately.