Interim Measures

The Institute may impose interim protective measures before the final outcome of an investigation and until final resolution of the allegations if failure to take the interim measures would constitute an immediate threat to the safety and well-being of the alleged victim or other members of the Institute community, or to ensure equal access to the Institute's education programs and activities. Before any such measures are imposed, however, the Institute will, where practicable, provide the respondent with an initial opportunity to respond to the allegations and to the imposition of any interim protective measures specifically.

The imposition of interim protective measures does not indicate that a violation of policy has occurred, and is designed to protect the alleged victim and community, and not to harm the respondent. To the extent interim measures are imposed, they will be designed to minimize the burden on both the alleged victim and the respondent, where feasible. Interim measures may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Change of housing assignment;
  2. Issuance of a "no contact" directive;
  3. Restrictions or bars to entering certain Institute property;
  4. Changes to academic or employment arrangements, schedules, or supervision;
  5. Interim suspension; and
  6. Other measures designed to promote the safety and well-being of the parties and the Institute community.

An interim suspension will only occur where necessary to maintain safety, and will be limited to those situations where the respondent poses a serious and immediate danger or threat to persons or property. In making such an assessment, the Institute will consider the existence of a significant risk to the health or safety of the alleged victim or the campus community, the nature, duration, and severity of the risk, the probability of potential injury, and whether less restrictive means can be used to significantly mitigate  the risk.

Before an interim suspension is issued, the Institute will make every reasonable effort to give the respondent the opportunity to be heard on whether his or her presence on campus poses a danger. If an interim suspension is issued, the terms of the suspension take effect immediately. When requested by the respondent, a hearing to determine whether the intermediate suspension should continue will be held within three (3) business days of the request.