Increasing Equity and Participation in Athletics

Georgia Tech Student basketball player

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs that receive federal funds. While the law applies to all aspects of educational opportunities, it probably is best known for its application to sports. Title IX requires that educational institutions (1) provide male and female students with equal opportunities to play sports, (2) give male and female athletes their fair shares of athletic scholarship dollars, and (3) provide equal benefits and services (such as facilities, coaching, and publicity) to male and female athletes overall.

Title IX has helped girls and women participate in interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics in far greater numbers than they had in the past. When Title IX became law, dramatic change was needed to level the playing fields of this nation's schools and to change the perception of the place of girls and women on them. Just one year before the enactment of Title IX, fewer than 300,000 high school girls played interscholastic sports. Today, that number is 2.4 million.

Georgia Tech fully supports equality of opportunity for its male and female athletes, whether as part if its (NCAA) Division I intercollegiate athletics program or through its more than 30 student-run sports clubs and 20 intramural teams.

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Equity in Athletics is Joeleen Akin, Senior Associate Director of Athletics. She can be reached at or (404) 894-4462.