Title IX Coordinators

If you wish to file a report of sexual misconduct with the institution, you should notify a Responsible Employee, the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator. Responsible Employees are defined in the Georgia Board of Regents Sexual Misconduct Policy, section 6.7.1.  A list of Coordinators appears below:

Title IX Coordinator

Marcia Bull Stadeker
760 Spring Street NW, Suite 324
Atlanta, GA 30332-0495
404-385-5583 (phone) |404-894-3120 (fax) | marcia.stadeker@gatech.edu


Deputy Title IX Coordinators

For Athletics:
Shoshanna Engel
Associate Director of Athletics - Compliance.
(404) 894-8792 | sengel@athletics.gatech.edu

Where Staff is Accused:
Ivy Gardner
Director of Employee Relations, Human
500 Tech Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30332-0435
(404) 894-2007 |

Where Faculty is Accused:
Leslie Sharp 
Associate Vice Provost
404-385-7590 | leslie.sharp@gatech.edu