Georgia Tech, as a public institution, cannot guarantee confidentiality in all cases. Georgia Tech will make reasonable and appropriate efforts to preserve a victim's and respondent's privacy and to protect the confidentiality of information. In some cases, however, Georgia Tech's obligation to provide a safe environment free from sex discrimination may override a victim's or other party's interest in confidentiality. The determination whether Georgia Tech is able to honor a request for confidentiality shall be made by the Title IX Coordinator after consultation with appropriate Georgia Tech officials. To the extent permitted by law, Georgia Tech will take reasonable steps to avoid inclusion of personally identifiable information about a victim, respondent, or witness in documents available to the public.

If a student wishes to discuss an alleged violation of Title IX or Georgia Tech policies in a confidential environment, the student may contact:

​Please confirm the scope of confidentiality with the given resource.  A victim of sex discrimination or sexual assault or misconduct may also make a confidential complaint by completing the Sexual Offense Confidential Reporting Form and hand delivering the completed form to a VOICE Advocate.